About Us

 About Us

We started out Zodiac Skates because we're seeing that the roller skates community in the Philippines is fast growing and we wanted to be able to provide more options for people to choose from. Currently, we only have a handful of local skate shops available in the country, and they are only catered to those that are just beginning their skate journey, but none for those that have progressed from being a beginner and want to do more with their skates.

Those that want more options are left with ordering from nearby Asian countries, and mostly in the US and UK where tons of skates are available for any type of skating. But then they would have no choice but to pay for exorbitant fees for international shipping and custom fees when it gets to the country, on top of an already expensive pair of skates.

Our goal is to be able to bring good skates to you locally and having these be at a comparable quality as those already available overseas and at an affordable price. We don't believe in jacking up the prices too much and focusing on getting huge profits as this will limit the number of people that could potentially be interested in roller skating, but will not be able to afford it.

Our designs are Philippine made and are manufactured at a reputable Chinese facility. The skates will be sent back in the Philippines for quality checks before it will be shipped to you.

We're also looking at bringing skate parts, tools, wheels and accessories in the future so you won't need to order them overseas and maybe, just maybe, if this venture gets big enough, a roller rink where we can all just roll and chill. That's the dream!

Crossing our fingers!

- Luvim